Champions Club at The Retreat
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slow slow slow pace. rock hard dried up fairway with puddle around low points. mostly no flat fairway. deep deep bunker with not much sand. very slopey with many blind pin and green. green is U-turn multi tier. dont let their profile pics mislead you

Palos Verdes,CA
Great Nicklaus design course. May need to have teen index to enjoy this high slope course. Multi pier greens are challenging yet kept in excellent condition. Super pro shop and cart employees.

Lake Elsinore
The bermuda fairways were dried out thatch. You might be in the middle of the fairway but your ball is sitting two inches in the air on thatch or buried down in it. Hard to pinch the ball off the turf. The greens are fast and the pin placements were brutal! Just over the crest of the tiers so if you are on the top tier you putt will run ten to twelve feet past the hole after barely tapping it. The guy I played with putted up slope about twenty five feet to the hole only to have his ball come right back to him! The greens are way too difficult for the double-digit handicap player in my opinion.

I play this course three times a month. Course can be wet especially in areas where balls will collect due to all the elevations on fairways. Fairways are in good condition with the exception of a few holes that always seem to be under repair. Greens and fringe areas plug balls this time of year but they do roll good once you are on and putting. Customer service is above the mark here and clubhouse and facilities are top notch. Course can be challenging but is worth the price and more.

Corona, CA
I felt that this was a challenging course for me, but I think that the slope rating was a tad too high.