Dad Miller Golf Course
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ted stollen
Huntington Beach
how this course can advertise that the golf course is a four out of five on the condition is unreal and priced over $50 is a joke one of the worst experiences Ive ever had the water on the 15th hole was so dirty and smelled so bad me and my friends quit right there I would never go there again

Mike Johnson
fountain valley
by far one of the worst golf courses Ive ever played the fairways of horrible the greens are pretty bad in the water on the 15th hole is absolutely disgusting I brought 16 friends to play there and I was totally embarrassed I cant believe the water on 15 in the smell is unbelievable and then the price $54.00 unbelievable to be related to tustin ranch is a shame

Rodney Kalb Kalb
Dana Point
This course is designed to handle all levels of golf. It plays a bit slow, but the lay out makes it ok! Tee to green, all in great shape.