Fallbrook Golf Club
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John W
Greens were very good. Fairways are a little rough. Bunkers not consistent. I loved this course when they had Aloha on Fridays for 20 bucks after 12. Not really into playing this course for anything more.

San Diego
This is one of those courses that doesnt look too promising from the parking lot but builds on you once you start playing. The course is challenging enough with a 71.1 rating from the whites (there are no blues) at 6200 yards. The problem is conditioning. The greens are OK and were running pretty fast but the fairways are dry, thin and in need of alot of attention. On most holes they run together with the rough. On the opposite end the tee boxes were shaggy and in need of a cut. Nonetheless, the members I played with were super friendly and I enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would.