Ashwood Golf Course - Sycamore/Mesquite Course
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Adelanto, CA
The course was in excellent shape. I played above my capabilities at one point getting 3 pars and a bogey in a row. highly unusual for me. I am definetly a double bogey golfer. One bad experience I had which didn't have anything to do with the course was, I got hit in the neck by the people teeing off behind us. Needless to say I was irate and we had words.They ended up cussing us up and down. Alot of "F" words and fingers in the air. I reported them to the clubhouse and unasked for we were comped a foursome by way of apology. Not the courses fault but above and beyond by them. Thanks Ashwwod.

Hesperia, CA
Great condition. Short course, but technical. Fun to play.

Apple Valley, CA
Thanks for offering such excellent pricing. Ashwood golf is a great course.

Littlerock, CA
I have an enjoyable golf game every time I play the three courses with family and friends. The course is challenging and the workers are helpful and courteous in all manners.