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So Cal
They advertise they have new golf carts to draw in more business; however, this is false adverisement. I played this course very recently and, come to find out, they only replaced about half of the carts. When we got there for out Thursday morning tee time, we got stuck with an old, beat up cart with almost no brakes at all. On this and multiple other carts I saw, most of the wheels didnt match and most of the carts had big chunks missing from the fiberglass and were overall, in terrible condition. Shame on you Cal Oaks for false advertising. The course is usually in decent shape, at best and is way over priced. Lastly, they frequently will advertise a price and when you get there, tell you it doesnt include a cart and proceed to charge you a $15 /person fee so make sure you book tee times carefully

Very Tight. Hassel to get into the course. Course should not charge more than 20 bucks to play at all. I would rather play Redhawk for 23 as a VIP at noon or Trent jones or what ever they call it now. 15 handicap.

Fun course.. Had a good time, greens are in good shape. Lots of fun holes. Check out the bar after the round.. All the staff were very friendly. Pro in shop helped me get rental clubs, and the lady in the bar made some great drinks for my wife and I after the round...(and a good bloody mary before). Dont normally rate courses, but we will definitely be back.

This course sucks! Greens are the slowest I have ever seen. The people that run the course dont even speak proper english. They also are understaffed and have bad attitutdes

This Place sucks! Waste of money!!! Dont trust the other fake reviews! This is the worst course in the area by far! Also horrible service

Very good value, food was good, beer was cold.. Greens generally in good shape. Will definately come back.. Staff very friendly (pro shop).. Had fun on the course, a couple really neat holes.