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The Shadow course is a dust bowl(no exaggeration) which is being sold as a golf course.It is an ex golf course. The course is not being maintained as the manager told us that it is being closed and when you arrive to play, they will try and upsell you to the Sky course which has a little grass. What a shame after many years of playing at this amazing location.

never play again

$ 49 for shadow course ?????????????? what the fuck................

Simi Valley
The course hasnt been maintained in a couple months. Fairways are all dried up brown grass/dirt. I payed an extra $23 when i got there to play on the sky course.

Moorpark, Ca
The Shadow Course fairways are mostly dirt. They removed most of the sand in the traps. The greens are fine. They should let your company know that they stopped watering the fairways months ago. Their Sky Course looks fine.

Saugus, CA
The course itself is just alright for me because most part of the fairways were dry. The green is in good shape so as the service on the course generally so I rate the course just okay.

Jo Yeon
Irvine, CA

burbank, CA
Lost Canyons is a great layout with every hole a challenge. The fairways have lots to be desired; lack of cash, lack of water. Numerous burned out spots and very little turf. Greens are good; tee boxes fair.

bell canyon, CA
greens in good shape. tee boxes much improved from last month. fairways are dry and in need of water.

winnetka, CA
Challenging course. Never packed. One of the best deals out there. Could be in better shape. Avg 3.5 hours per round. Play all day is good there. U can do both courses for one price and run 3 rounds in a day provided u have energy left

Pine Mountain, CA
The course needed watering. Very brown.

Calabasas, CA
First time on course. The course is not well maintained for what it presents itself to be. It was a difficult course; lots of blind shots, uneven lies.

Sierra Madre, CA
Played Memorial Day weekend and the course was in fantastic condition. Lack of rain can make Shadow weathered, but all of the downpours we've had so far this year has taken it to the next level of beauty and enjoyment. We'll be back real soon. C4TT special rates make this course one of the best values in SoCal.

Los Angeles, CA
I love this place, always have. I played the Sky Course a couple of weks ago, and even though it is more aesthetic than the Shadow, the Shadow has certain feeling that is hard to explain. Maybe its because it because it you, the road runners, and the beautiful canyon scenery playing a Pete Dye course. I love this place.

la crescenta, CA
The starter charged $2 per person to turn on the GPS on the golf carts. That was not advertised and felt like they were nickel and diming me.

Bellflower, CA
The pro was very friendly. We scheduled to play the Shadow Course which is $49 . We were running late because of traffic and got to the course a little late. That was no problem, He said he wanted us to enjoy the Lost Canyon experience because it was first time there. so he offered the sky course which is $26 more at shadow course price. Pretty cool deal. We took him up on his offer. I think the course was a great layout and had some great views. However, the course was not in that great of shape. I really loved the course but at that price I would have rather golfed at Santa Anita, La Mirada or Lakewood which have nicer fairways and greens. For that amount of money I could have gone to Oak Quarry which is similar in layout but much better groomed. As I said I really enjoyed the day and the service but if I am going to pay the extra money I expect the course to be in much better condition. It was my first time golfing in that area but I could have traveled the same distance in half the time to Oak Quarry and felt like I was at a private country club. Had heard the course was nice but I was very disappointed. Because of David however The day was not so bad. The course however is very challenging, which I like.

Manhattan Beach, CA
No water, no ball washers, rough fairways, inconsistent greens.

bell canyon, CA
tee boxes and fairways need work

Los Angeles, CA
I've played Lost Canyons many times before. I was shocked they allowed us to play on the course given it's poor condition. It was the worst I've ever seen on any public course.

Camarillo, CA
I hear they are in financial trouble and it shows on the course. The tee boxes were in terrible shape and the fairways weren't much better. They had just aerated the green (really striped) so I can't comment on them. Both cart were death-traps and when we told the cart person, he just said he would "note it". Don't think we'll be back until things turn around.

Camarillo, CA
Distances provided by the GPS system was way off on some holes (need to replace programmer?)- got charged $4 for the use of the GPS system that did not provide correct information.

Redondo Beach, CA
I've played this course in past years and have never seen it in such poor condition. From tee box, to fairway, to green, we had brown dead areas in very bad shape. Not worth the $75 price.

Basically, they have stopped watering the course with the exception of just barely keeping the greens alive. Love the challenge of the design but, if they are going to let it die - stop booking tee times and - let it die. Unless you feel like saying goodbye to a dieing friend - do yourself a favor and stay away.

Saugus, CA
The course itself is not in very good shape however my experience with Click for Tee Times and the staff on the golf course were excellent.

los angeles, CA
you have to pay gps fee.so funny?