Olivas Links Golf Course
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Camarillo, CA
Twilight Tuesdays are completely overbooked. It was far too crowded. I would never go on a Tuesday again. I might try this course again at some point in the future.

Moorpark, CA
Olivas links has nice scenery, great fairways, and a cool breeze on a hot day. The course is a good challenge for any golfer. Keep it in the fairway is the thought to have while playing here. The course is well layed out and is really a great place to play. If your a bad driver then leave it in the bag or bring a lot of golf balls with you. The greens are hard to read so don't be too hard on yourself if it's your first time there.

Los Angeles, CA
rolling kind of slow out there compared to other outings, and watch it when the winds pick up...

Los Angeles, CA
Excellent experience - high quality course and a great value.

Camarillo, CA
I always experience very, very slow play at Olivas. No marshals around, its like the wild west out there on the course with no control whatsoever. Otherwise, course is in great shape but the slow play will keep me away for another long time.

do hyun kim
I like this golf course I want to reservation 16 people at september 11thsunday 12oclock also good price how can i do?