Shorecliffs Golf Course
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P. Sinchai
Irvine ,Ca(visiting 2-3 times a year from Florida
Very challenging. You need the accuracy and moderate length to score well. Very enjoying sceneric. The service of the staff are above average.

Paul Trenery
Beaumont, Ca.
Interesting layout. Fairly narrow in places. The fairways were a bit spotty it Im willing to overlook that for greens that are in good condition which these were. Pace of play great. We were done in under 4hrs. The staff was very courteous. I will come back again.

All the starters are very nice except for one whom everyone complains about.

Mission Viejo
a tight course that requires thinking on some shots. Greens are always in good shape which is important to me. Fairways can be a bit beat up in teh summer. Overall a good value and tougher than you think it is.

Laguna Niguel
Good ole ShoreCliffs. Best bang for your buck if you can get in on a discounted rate and at times there are rates that look like they are just giving tee times away for a full 18. Stock up on recycled balls before you go there because you are going to loose some. The carts go at a snails pace but its so you get a good view in the sewers. After a few drinks you can have a blast here with good friends.

Quan Tran
Long Beach, CA
I drove 45 miles 90 miles round trip to play and was disappointed with the condition relative to the star rating that I see on this site. I would give it a 2 star. Had it been a 2-star, I would not traveled so far to play.

San clemente
Best course ever!!

Laguna Niguel, CA
Play is pretty slow here, and there is not a cart person. Rules state not to bring your own alcohol, however, with no service, what are the choices?

Irvine, CA
A cool place to play over the hot summer.